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I always read and heard how some comic creators swear by thumbnails and I was never one to really buy that mentality.  I use to just scribble out an idea on a scrap of paper and see if it made sense then dive into the art and move on to the next page.  That was until I was on a work trip about a year or so ago and I was able to get a script in hand before I jumped on the plane.  Reading the script got me so excited to work on the project, but being on travel I did not have any of my supplies needed to work on the final art so I started creating thumbnails of the pages.    

What happened next was an eye opening experience, I was looking at almost the entire book sketched out and it clicked.  I began to start thinking about the way the pages drew the reader’s eye from one panel to another and the pacing the each scene and how that related to the entire story.  I was figuring out light sources, and with the sketches being so small I was focused on gestural drawings of the characters and not getting caught up into the details of facial expressions but thinking more broadly. 

By the time I got back from the trip I was ready to dive into the final art, and what I realized is the art was taking half of the time it typically would.  I thought out so much already it was just minor fine tuning along the way.    
The story did not work out in the end for various reasons but I was so excited to know that I was able to see what so many other creators had been saying for years, really focusing in on the pre-work makes the time working on the final art much more focused and you begin to work much more efficiently. 

Another perk to this method is when you are juggling multiple projects, a full time job and a healthy social life you can keep your energy high, stay focused and know when you are able to work you’re making the most of your time.   

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