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“Hey kids! We know…Big Ben. Parliament.”

I love to travel; something I hope to continue to do throughout my life time, and I can say this with 100% certainty. I’ll be going back to London (I already have a list of to do’s for the next time). It’s that much fun and there’s that much to do.

Tate Modern, I am mixed about this museum. Where it has a fantastic collection of modern artists, and a great book store in the basement, I found that the amount of work on display wasn’t all that much. There was a lot of installation pieces, which are nice but being more of a 2d artist id prefer to see more works on the wall then pieces on the floor with empty walls. But certainly worth checking out, as walk along the Thames when you head out there because there are a lot of nice smaller galleries on the way, and you get to pass by the Eye and the Aquarium.

Tate Britain, for anyone who is a fan of Turner, and Victorian Art this is the museum for you. It was very interesting to see a few Walter Sickert paintings in person. And some of the best Francis Bacon paintings you could ask for are there too. The National Gallery is home to DaVinci’s Virgin on the Rocks. I have to admit this is my favorite work of DaVinci I have seen so far.

Courtauld Gallery in my opinion is the best museum in London! With a collection of Cezanne’s, a great collection of Kandinsky’s from his early landscapes to his perfectly constructed later works. Not to mention the famed Female Nude 1916 from Modrian, I was floored when I saw it. For as many times, as I’ve seen it in books seeing it in person was awe inspiring. Manet’s Bar at the Folies-Bergere, I knew the man was talented but not until seeing this piece did I realize how much of a genius he really is until I saw this piece. The gallery also had a large amount of Degas from sculptures, pastels, paintings and drawings. An incredible gallery I can’t speak highly enough of, so if you are in London make sure you get there you won’t be disappointed.

Natural History was so over the top and brilliant. I think the kid will come out in everyone when you go through the dinosaur section. Science Museum really gave me a lot to digest visually. Though there were no traditional “works of art” it was full of fantastic photo opportunities for reference pics. My favorite area was the Aviation section, with hundreds of engines of planes.

Not to worry the entire trip was not just spent in museums. As an artist it is a struggle to find a healthy balance between living in the world around you and reflecting the world around you, so even though I spent many hours in museums I did make sure to enjoy the night life.

Dinner Cruise, I did one in Paris and I love them. I feel that if you can do one in a foreign city you must. Such a nice relaxing evening, spent with great food, incredible scenery and a night full of dancing.

Spamalot. You got to see it, don’t argue just go see it.

The most interesting thing about a proper London Pub is seeing all of the business men at lunch time enjoying a pint. I keep thinking in the States if its lunch time and you see someone working on a pint in the middle of the day in a suit you’re thinking; either they are fired or gonna be fired.

Harrods, the only department store I have ever been to where I can by an Amy Winehouse CD on the same floor as a signed Matisse Lithograph, or a David LaChapelle book on the same floor as an all white Gucci Suit. Forbidden Planet Comics, a must for anyone in London; don’t forget to check out the Links section for a link to the store for location and hours.

Lastly Stonehenge, the photo’s don’t do it justice. Though there is a lot of speculation on its history there is something to a place so mysterious. Hard for me to put into words but I did find it to really be eerie because while there I had a few dozen ideas pop into my head for new works of art.
Now I must retire to the studio and take a few days to weeks to go through the sketches and photos and begin to gather my thoughts and ideas because what’s coming next is going to blow everyone away.



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