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After arriving at the hotel Pont Neuf in Paris, I headed out sketchbook in hand to start capturing everything I could. You know what? As soon as I found a quaint café I found myself not concerned with drawing everything in my sketchbook. I just wanted to not only enjoy the moment but live it to its fullest, and so the real Paris trip began.

My first museum was Picasso's; and how would I describe the collection? Go to any bookstore find a book on Picasso. Literally most every piece of art featured in most of his books was on display.

Next was Pompidou Center, the modern art museum, usually you don't find Francis Bacon or Basquait in the United States, and so seeing their works certainly made this a museum worth checking out. (On a side note to anyone looking for a great bookstore check out their bookstore located on the first floor.)

Musee d'Orsay, by far my favorite museum is Paris . The why is very simple, three rooms devoted to Degas, as well as being the home to The Absinthe Drinker, which in my opinion the greatest painting every produced.

Louvre is best enjoyed early in the morning because by the end of the day when I left it was so crowded you were shoulder to shoulder. The other perk of getting to the Louvre early, as soon as you buy your ticket, you can run as fast as you can thru the hallowed halls to see the Mona Lisa, and you want to make sure you see her before its so crowded you can't get into the room. After I shared my moment with the Mona Lisa, I was off to enjoy all of the other works of art in the Louvre.

River Seine Dinner Cruise, I would strongly recommend this to anyone who can partake. A wonderful dinner (yes the escargot was worth trying), the sights of Paris at night, and of course dancing as the Eiffel Tower light up at midnight.

Moulin Rouge, as flamboyant and over the top as you would expect, and then some. I also recommend going to the top of the Eiffel Tower and climb the stairs of the Notre-Dame bell tower.

One morning after breakfast I was over near Pompidou Center and found a film crew working, as the afternoon progressed they started to have quite the gathering. I was their earlier enough to have a nice spot to sit and enjoy the whole production. I decided to start doing sketches of the cast, quick little headshots, but the cast and crew in between takes was more interested in seeing what I was working on. Certainly an interesting adventure, but after I gave away the sketches of the cast I headed off to find out what else the city had in store for me.

So as I left Paris I look back and realize that this trip had art, food, entertainment, and more art, but I know that I would not have enjoyed any of it if I have not lived in those moments. Now I'm back my sketchbook is full, and I have a few empty canvases to work on.



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